Deep and trustworthy Bluehosting review: everything you need to know about this service

Choosing the best hosting provider is a challenging task. There are so many different services to push your website online, and all of them look pretty the same at first glance. However, with a bit deeper research, you may find out about hidden fees and charges, issues with the performance, lack of support and many other unpleasant characteristics. Before you go, it is better to read an explicit review, and here is the one about Bluehost.

This vendor appeared in 2003 and is hosting 2 million sites right now. It is well-known around the web, and you have probably already heard something about it. The first thing that comes to mind is WordPress dedicated support. Bluehost is officially approved by the site builder #1, so if you are going to create your online project using this open-source platform, you may need Bluehost as well.

Let’s see which other features and advantages you will get with Bluehost and which pitfalls you may experience.

Feature overview

Here are the main things you receive with Bluehost:

  • Pretty big or even unlimited storage capacity (depends on the chosen plan);
  • Smart, simple and powerful site builder that will be useful for both experienced users and newbies;
  • An included domain name that will cost you nothing… during your first year of usage. When the period ends, additional charges will be initiated automatically;
  • Unlimited Email support: POP3, IMAP and secured protocols are available at hand;
  • Webmail — three types of web-based mailing solutions;
  • Any quantity of subdomains in each package starting from the cheapest one;
  • Easy-to-use file manager, FTP protocol support, advanced logging, ability to adjust how the Error page looks;
  • Explicit but understandable statistics of the site’s vitals;
  • Strong protection from spamming;
  • Various e-Commerce features including four different carts to choose from;
  • Powerful SEO optimizer that allows you to check the site positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo!; find the right keywords and follow the updates. The only fly in the ointment — this tool is not included in any subscription, so you will need to pay additionally.

Summarizing the Bluehost powers mentioned above, we’d like to say that this hosting supplier allows pretty massive functionality for various kinds of users. Whether you are a blogger, photographer, reseller or the one who runs your small business online, you can rely on this vendor.

Bluehost has different solutions for various needs. Shared hosting is the starting point. It will be OK for small websites and costs $2.75 per month only. Beware the fact that this price is promotional and is offered for the first subscription period only.

VPS hosting from Bluehost is offered for $18.99 per month (and again, the price will be higher when you decide to renew the plan). It includes 2GB of RAM, 30 GB of fast SSD storage and the bandwidth limited to 1TB per month.

And finally, a dedicated server from Bluehost costs up to $119.99 per month for the first subscription period. It includes 1TB of a mirrored disk, 16GB of RAM, 5 IP addresses and 15TB of traffic.

One more cool thing — Site Backup Pro — Bluehost review needs to include

We have already mentioned about additional features Bluehost offers on the example of SEO Optimizer. Here is one more thing potential Bluehost user should learn about — Site Backup Pro.

This tool protects you from losing your sensitive data, including databases, customer email list, files, pictures and many more. To keep everything safe, you need to adjust the backup frequency. All backups are incremental, so they won’t occupy too much space on the storage disk. Anytime you can change the settings from the control panel.

Sitelock is also a nice feature you may be interested in. It helps protect your project from malware and spam attacks.

Feel that you are almost convinced to try? Visit the official site and choose the best plan. If you are already enjoying Bluehost, it is worth mentioning that the company has a profitable Affiliate Program. You can earn up to $65 for each customer that spend a buck after your reference.