Comparison of best VPS hosting services for different websites

The variety of good or bad hosting services is truly impressive today. You may find a suitable one for small blogs or one-page websites, for a startup or a shop of the famous reseller, for commercial or non-profit organizations. Different providers offer an immense list of features, various hosting types and prices. In this article, we would like to talk about the middle of the market — neither too cheap nor overpriced but best for both small & medium websites.

So, meet VPS hosting. This abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Server. It means that one online project is hosted on one virtual machine while there are numerous virtual computers physically located on a single server. At first sight, it sounds similar to the shared hosting but there is a huge difference between those types. With VPS, you can choose preferable configuration for your private machine: include SSD, select RAM & CPU parameters. You may be also sure that all configured powers will work for your web project only. With a shared host, loading is also shared, so your site may go down if there is too much traffic on another one.

There is also one more type that should be mentioned here — dedicated hosting. It allows you to get all advantages of private physical machine that is fully yours. With numerous pros, there is only one obvious disadvantage — it costs an arm and a leg. VPS is something between shared and dedicated servers, so has pros & cons of them both.

Now you know the main value of virtual private hosting. It’s time to choose a good one. We have a few options for you below.


Main powers of InMotion are an amazing performance, speed and fault-tolerance. If you want your website to be online 24/7, you probably should look at this service. In addition, there are numerous features and perks to help you manage your online business. Let’s highlight a few ones:

  • Personal, simple but ultimate control panel allows you to manage certificates, check security parameters or loading velocity;
  • Launch Assist is a special offer for newcomers who get 2 hours of direct conversation with server administrators from InMotion for free;
  • Solid-state drives with lightning speed is a must for InMotion;
  • All needed certificates are included.

Another great thing you should get to know about InMotion is the fantastic customer service these guys provide. Always attentive and quick, they will respond on any hosting-related question to help you adjust your project from scratch.

InMotion offers two subscription plans relevant to VPS hostings — Managed and Cloud. Managed costs around $28. As it’s stated in its title, free management for your servers is included. The second option is as cheap as $20 but doesn’t have included administrator services, so you will need your personal admin or developer for site maintenance.

A2 Hosting

Safe and reliable, A2 has one significant characteristic that distinguish this provider form all other similar services. It is speed. To achieve the leading positions, they use SSD storages, optimize each and every operation and implement several other very special technologies to boost your website. Railgun technique deserves to be mentioned separately:

Railgun optimizes non-cached pages. There are about 35% of such data that usually includes static HTML content. It should be loaded first. It takes time. Railgun optimizes this loading by sending only markup — HTML tags — instead of the whole page. It reduces traffic usage, load time and overall speed. In comparison with others, A2 is proud to be the fastest one.

A2 has four data centers. The primary one is located in Michigan, USA. Three additional centers are placed all over the world, including the United States again. That is why we would recommend A2 for North America oriented business.

Also, it works amazingly for Ruby on Rails projects. Keeps this thing in mind too.

Finally, pricing. Our choice is “Core” package that costs $32.99 monthly and includes pretty good hardware in addition to nice customer support.


Hostinger provides excellent speed too. If you were using shared servers before, after switching to Hostinger at a pretty low price, you will definitely notice the difference. Dedicated IP, 100 MB/s network, iPv6 support and rapid solid-state drives make this provider one of the strongest players on this market.

However, their low rates are applicable for pretty small blogs only. At about 4 bucks per month, you will get 1GB of RAM, 20GB of disk storage and impressive but still limited bandwidth — 1TB. Feeling that you need something better than this? We advise you to skip next three plans and go to level 6 at once. 6GB of RAM, 120 GB of SSD storage and 6TB of traffic sound much better for the medium and small business. This plan will cost you $23.95 per month — that is still an affordable payment.

Cheapest VPS hosting: best price on acceptable features

So if you are still seeking for something truly cheap or even free, you should pay attention to the next item in our list. Meet 1&1 IONOS — affordable and efficient VPS hosting that would be perfect for small companies or personal needs.

So, let’s start from the strongest side of 1&1 IONOS — tariffs. The basic plan has actually a very low cost comparing to rivals. At $2.00 only, you get 512MB of RAM, 10GB of fast storage and fully unlimited bandwidth. The server characteristics don’t look super cool but it is enough for most small blogs and sites especially if they do not contain too much heavy pictures, scripts or videos. Moreover, 1&1 IONOS claims to be secure and customizable.

After you purchase a plan, you get root access to your virtual machine and you can adjust each and every thing just like you want it to be. The vast range of supported operating systems and comprehensive control panel also have their advantages. But 1&1 IONOS requires special knowledge and won’t be clear for a non-IT person. If you are not that good with system administrating, we advise you to call their support team while adjusting your first server.

Finally, our main question: what is the best VPS hosting service today?

We discussed several powerful and limited, expensive and low-priced vendors and now are ready to choose the best one. SiteGround appears to be a winner today. It is a close-to-perfect hosting provider with exceptional performance, attentive & knowledgeable online support (with an average reply within ten minutes) and the whole range of essential features. Here are the most compelling ones:

  • Superb speed achieved due to Linux containers installed on SSD drives. Please note that SiteGround doesn’t use Windows for its servers;
  • Dedicated IP, SSL certificate and spam filter are included in all packages;
  • Auto-scalability allows you to add new servers like smoke;
  • Managed servers let you forget about learning how to administrate sites. Just rely on professionals;
  • 24/7 support team will be happy to help all day and night long.

As you may have probably already guessed, SiteGround costs. The simplest tariff is $80.00 per month but we are sure that it is worth it, especially if you are running high-loaded enterprise website. For that price, you get 4GB RAM, 40GB storage and 5TB of traffic.