Deep review of the best hostings for WordPress for various needs

When it comes to the easiest website creation, WordPress comes to mind immediately. The main purpose of this open-source solution is to let anyone be able to go for an online presence within a few clicks. Various templates and a pretty huge number of plugins allow you to create something unique and functional even if you are not that good with web development.

However, selecting the most stylish template and color scheme is not the main problem you need to solve. Choosing an affordable and reliable hosting provider is more challenging. As for WordPress is extremely popular among bloggers, startups and small business, well-known hosting suppliers focus on this platform primarily. On the one hand, you have plenty of options to choose from. On the other one, it may be hard to make a decision. We hope that our deep review of 11 interesting services will shed light on this tricky question.

Top-5 best hostings for WordPress you need to take a look at first

There are lots of good and great solutions that support WordPress. Which ones stand out? What to choose to get required things at an affordable price? We will let you decide after checking our review of the top five.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost offers virtual hosting services together with fair subscription plans. The basic one will cost you $2.95 during the first month and $7.99 after the prolongation. It’s not the one for high loaded sites but is a perfect choice to place your small blog.

You will be able to get the advantage of SSD disk, host one website and register the domain name without any payment for the first year. Once you develop a taste for this service, you may go for advanced functionality at the additional fee. Powerful analytics, malware detector or spam prevention as an example.

2. A2 Hosting

If you are looking for cloud hosting, we advise learning more about A2. At affordable month fee — from $5.00, their clients get 20GB of storage capacity, SSD and limited but sufficient amount of random-access memory and bandwidth.

In comparison to shared hosting servers, the cloud gives you higher speed and reliability. With A2, webpages load really fast thanks to Turbo functionality this service provides. In comparison with other similar solutions, A2 speed amazes. Dedicated support team that works 24/7 is one more advantage of this service. It’s worth mentioning that the company has two data centers in the USA so it’s the best choice for American customers.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround appeared in 2004 and has huge user base today. Company owns four data centers in different parts of the world and provides its clients with free certification and data backup performed each and every day automatically.

Speed is one more quality SiteGround has. Uptime is great too. You are welcome to check it by yourself, and if you find that it is not enough for you, you can request a refund 30 days after the purchase. Prices start from $3.95 for the basic subscription plan, but we advise you to look at GrowBig proposition. At $5.95 only, you will be able to host multisite projects.

4. DreamHost

1.5 million sites are hosted by this vendor. 400 thousand clients successfully use its features since 1997. Truly impressive statistics, isn’t it? Moreover, it is officially approved by

There are many things that are cool with DreamHost but the main advantage is the simplest start. The site is pre-installed, so you won’t waste a single moment on the deployment. The prices also look nice. Basic 1-month subscription costs $2.59. However, note that the support team is not available all-day-long and you may need to wait to get help.

5. HostGator

HostGator is easy-to-setup and use, offers lightning load time and amazing fault-tolerance. If your project is not going to reach more than 100 thousands visits per month, we recommend starting from the basic subscription that is as cheap as $5.95. In addition, you get 1GB of storage for the automated backups. If you require twice more powers, go for the second plan offered for $7.95. Please note that advertised prices are actual for newcomers only. Starting from the second month, subscription fee grows.

Top-3 best WordPress hosting services offered for free

Not ready to pay for your online project yet? No problem. For this case, we have multiple options too. Take a look at top forever free solutions from this huge market.


The domain that ends in “org” is dedicated to the open-source platform for website creation. is another company that offers both — building and hosting. You won’t get much at no cost, but still, there are strong opportunities for starters. Several exciting themes, 3GB of the disk space, necessary features are worth trying. Once you change your mind and are ready to go for paid plans, the migration will be pretty easy and the amount of features expands.

2. x10Hosting

Want to get the real cloud-based hosting without any charges? Welcome to x10Hosting. Simple and flexible, fast and reliable solution that is much better than most competitors. It won’t take long to set up, but if some questions arise, feel free to contact the English-speaking support. The only tiny disadvantage is low security.

3. 000Webhost

Best uptime, automated installation and smart dashboard are the main reasons millions of people choose 000Webhost. Pretty big storage and sufficient traffic are also included. Excellent choice for newcomers and those who only start working online. However, beware the spam — 000Webhost is not the safest one.

Top-3 all-time best-managed WordPress hosting providers for small business

While we have already discussed best options for beginners, it’s time to describe more advanced services briefly. Cheap hostings have shared servers. It means that not only your web-project but dozens of others will be stored on the same machine. It is not a big deal for small blogs but not an option for eCommerce. No matter whether you are a seller or reseller, if you need to host a shop, it is better to choose managed hosting that includes dedicated server and hardware personally for your site.

1. WP Engine

WP Engine is a true expert supplier. Choosing this recommended provider, you may be sure that your website stays online. Excellent security and bandwidth are at your service too.

1-month subscription varies between $35 and $290 depending on your needs. Refund is available for 60 days. 10% discount is offered for the first period and special bonuses are provided for those who purchase the annual plan.

2. InMotion

InMotion has immense features for all your requirements. Optimized performance, high-level security, customizable solutions and attentive support make this provider indispensable for small business. Unlimited bandwidth comes with all offered tariffs together with fastest SSDs.

There is no chance to try InMotion but you can get the refund after the order. Dedicated servers cost a lot, the simplest plan starts from $105.69.

3. GoDaddy Pro

The market leader since 1997, GoDaddy has numerous tools for developers and businessmen. GoDaddy Pro is ideal for those who need to manage several websites from a single control panel. Notification options are huge with this service. If something goes wrong, you and your tech team get emails and text messages right away.